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Property Care

Ensuring the long-term health of your plants, trees and lawn, not only safeguards your considerable investment it keeps your property looking pristine. We offer annual contracts for complete property maintenance or can provide pruning, mowing, raking, fertilizing, mulching and watering as needed. Our team of professionals is constantly reviewing each specific property’s evolving needs and responding efficiently to protect the value and beauty of the landscape.

Plant health care: shrub and tree pruning, deep root fertilization, disease and pest control, soil analysis

Lawn care: weekly cutting, fertilization, lawn programs, soil analysis, recommendations and organic alternatives, core aeration, overseeding, hydroseeding, compost top dressing

  • Seasonal clean ups
  • Flower gardens & container care
  • Hedge shearing, trimming and pruning
  • Garden maintenance: weeding and feeding
  • Organic solutions and alternatives
  • Irrigation management and/or repair
  • Fence and gate repair
  • Tree removal and storm damage
  • Deer management: fencing, spraying, gates
  • Two-year guarantee on plant materials